Boston Teens on Their Favorite Albums

Today we're celebrating two things our society cannot function without: girls and music. Here are some of my favorite girls talking about their favorite albums.

"The Kooks album, Listen, brings a whole new dimension to the music world. The combination of funky beats and Luke Pritchard’s raspy voice will surely throw a kick into one’s everyday life. Songs like 'Westside' or 'Sunrise' contribute to this band’s amazing ability to play various types of instruments, and showcase their amazing vocal ranges." - Selina

"Night Time, My Time was an album I anticipated for many years. Sky Ferreira's growth as an artist and maturation in her music style correlated pretty similarly with my own personal growth. My expectations for the album were already the highest possible, but the album managed still to completely exceed my expectations. This album has personal meaning to me that no other does."
- Mary

"I Love You by The Neighbourhood is one of my favorite albums because each component of the music builds up to create a certain vibe.  The melancholic chords, even in the fast songs, and the thought-provoking, heartfelt lyrics absorb you in the music, and every song on the album leave you feeling a strange emotion that I have not found in other music.  It's impossible not to become immersed in the world of the album as you listen to it." - Olivia

"When I first discovered Marina, I was going through a time where I could really relate to a lot of songs on Electra Heart. She helped me get through that, and I still get that same sense of comfort from hearing her songs." - Izzy

"The 1975's self titled album is my favorite album because it provides the most cinematic soundtrack and transforms even the most dull of days into vibrant technicolor. Its sounds can be my comfort at night, with songs like "Haunt // Bed", "12", and "Anobrain" lulling me into peaceful sleep, or they can be upbeat. Songs like "Pressure" and "Settle Down" are guaranteed to lift my spirits and remind me of evenings full of promise." - Breana (left)

"The 1975's self titled is my favorite album because each and every song, whether it be sad and heartfelt or carefree and upbeat, resonates with me on a profound level. The lyrics are not only versatile and relatable, but also multi-faceted in their meanings and the ways in which they can be interpreted- they invite both reflection and introspection. The entirety of the album's sound, including instrumental tracks, epitomizes music’s ability to evoke overwhelming emotion in a listener-- an indescribable kind of energy that arises from a blend of nostalgia, love, longing, and euphoria." - Katie (right)

"I like Marina's first album because of her personal and complicated thoughts she expresses in her songs. I love listening to Marina sing about her experience and the vocal range she displays. My favorite song is 'Hermit the Frog', because I really like the comparison of her heart to a 'glass balloon'. Plus they're great to dance to!" - Bridget

"An Awesome Wave is my favorite album because it's almost like a book. It has a beginning and middle and an end and it tells a complete story. All the songs work so well together and I never get tired of it." - Lara

"Something about The Smith’s self-titled debut album is able to touch me so deeply. Every song is able to pull at me. The opening track, “Reel Around The Fountain” is so full of longing and nostalgia it makes my heart ache. But the album has straight-out bangers too (well, as close to a banger as The Smiths can get).”Still Ill” and “Hand In Glove” are some of their catchiest songs. What really strikes me about this album is its composition as a whole. Every song fits together so perfectly. And while my favorite Smiths songs may be on different albums, that’s what makes their first my favorite."
- Penny

Visuals: Penny Mack, Tumblr

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