A Boston Glow Guide

One of my favorite things to hunt for throughout Boston is a good neon light. They're amazing to take photos in front of, as the glow tends to warmly surround the subject, producing an angelic, luminescent frame. The ambience they throw off is electric. And I'll be honest: I'm obsessed with posting low-quality iPhone photos of the lights on Instagram. It's my trademarked aesthetic. Below you will find a carefully curated selection of my top three favorite neon lights in Boston.

Location: Green Line Train
Glow Scale Rating: 8/10

This was taken on the Green Line. Go all the way to the back of the train, and wait until it submerges underground. When the sunlight is shut out, the neon green glow of the rectangular panel on the ceiling intensifies, bathing the surrounding area in purely concentrated aesthetic. Don't be ashamed of taking photos of it and under it. You may get a few weird looks from commuters, but it's worth it. You'll thank me later, after scrolling through your camera roll.

Location: Institute of Contemporary Art
Glow Scale Rating: 7/10

I discovered this gem of a light at the Institute of Contemporary Art on my way into the auditorium. It's one of those lights that you have to keep an eye out for, otherwise by the time you spot it, it'll be too late to snap a photo. This cylindrical light sheds a blue shine that converts a regular old corridor, much resembling that of a school hallway, into a neon dreamland. I'm always keeping my eye out for neon lights like these. It's all the more satisfying to stumble across a light when you have a different destination in mind.

Location: Avalon Parking Garage
Glow Scale Rating: 10/10

This was an amazing find. It's by far my favorite light so far. It's a long strip of translucent panels, illuminated by a variety of neon hues that are always in transition. They stretch from the ground to the ceiling. Optimum conditions for a photoshoot. The location of this light is probably the most obscure. You can find it in the Avalon Parking Garage off of Ring Road in Back Bay, right next to the Prudential. There's no need to sneak in or anything of the sort. You can simply walk in and bask in the neon glory. The only thing I should warn you about is to steer clear of cars as the pass through the garage. Other than that, you'll have nothing to worry about. This is a must-see (and must-take-pictures-in-front-of) light in Boston.

Text + Visuals: Leo Gearin
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