A Mini Guide to Allston Village

Allston Village is a bustling hotspot of Boston hipsters and students. The close proximity of Boston University,  Harvard, and Boston College fills the Village with youth and the cultural benefits that come with them: street art, independent coffee shops, vintage and thrift stores, and great people watching. The area is also home to a multitude of restaurants of all different cultures. Easily accessible are some of the best Japanese, Mexican, Korean, Indian, and Vietnamese restaurants that Boston has to offer. The crowning jewel, Allston Village is also home to, what is in my opinion, the best bubble tea in Boston: Infusions Tea Spa. This short video highlights some of the best spots in Allston Village.

Places featured in this video:

Infusions Tea Spa - cute independent bubble tea shop, great for sitting and working/reading/overdosing on boba.
BonChon - Asian fusion chain famous for its Korean fried chicken. Their sushi is excellent too!
Store 54 - fantastic vintage store with an astounding record collection for sale. Recently spotted here: a pair of leather Ferragamo mary janes for $20.
Vivant Vintage - a quaint little vintage store with mostly clothes and vintage pins; however, they do have some good records, and every now and then something amazing will pop up like a hot pink double-bicycle.

by Penny Mack
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