80s Prom Night Playlist

1) LOVE ME - THE 1975 "You got a beautiful face, you got nothing to say!" (No, but seriously, get your groove on to this new song. 10/10, best comeback ever)

2) Everything is Embarrassing - Sky Ferreira "I've been hating everything that could've been my everything." (a classic angsty pop song for our angsty teenage selves)

3) You're Not Good Enough - Blood Orange "I never was in love, you know that you were never good enough." (This makes me wanna awkwardly dance and cry at the same time. I hope I'm not the only one.)

4) Gunshot - Lykke Li "I am no one, I'm nobody, I am longing for your honey." (Also a tearjerker for me. This is my "stood up on prom night" song. Let's hope that doesn't happen this year. I'll keep you updated.)

5) Long Hair - Drowners "All the girls had long hair, all the boys had long hair, and you were missing out." (Actually my favorite song to dance around my room to. Feel-good brit rock, the best genre of all.)

I hope everyone is having a fantastic year! Remember: You should always love yourself enough to dance around in your room to Drowners. At least once a day.

Text: Brittany
Visuals: Spotify
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