Boston Teens on Style

Name? Ruthie Block
Age? 16
What inspires you? I’m inspired by the really incredible young creatives that are making art accessible to everyone.
Who's your favorite artist and/or designer? Billie Zangewa and Gordon Bennett
How would you describe your style? Wine Mom’ Safari Chic
How has social media impacted fashionable style today? Social media has made it possible for the individual and original looks of young people to be publicly expressed to a wider audience, impacting and enacting a massive movement of teen style.
Why do you like being young in 2015? I like being young in 2015 because this year has brought so many incredible role models to young people like me. Though we still have a long way to go, 2015 has been revolutionary in the production of young artists of color with powerful voices, and I’m so fortunate to live in an age where I can draw inspiration from people that feel so familiar.

Name? Sarah Pardo
Age? 15
What inspires you? Other kids my age making art out of their struggles.
How would you describe your style? Cute and comfy, fall is my favorite season because I get to wear sweaters and leggings every day.
How has social media impacted fashion and style today? I think social media has made it more fashionable to get clothing from less conventional sources, like thrift stores and etsy. The "90's" trend has also been made more popular by tumblr and instagram as well. 
Why do you like being young in 2015? 
I like that our generation actively tries to educate itself and promotes self love.

Name? Ella Snyder
Age? 16
What inspires you? Nature. I love nature
Who's your favorite artist and/or designer? I really love the photographer Abe Morrel, i love photography and he inspires me so much.
How would you describe your style? My style changes on a day to day basis. I get a lot of inspiration from New York Street style and also Korean style, I always look it up on Tumblr and Pinterest.
How would you describe fashion today?  Fashion today, I think it's evolved so much, you see people walking down the street in the edgiest coolest outfits, and you also see people walking down the streets in yoga pants and Uggs - not trying to show shade but, like, everyone's fashion is so different.
How has social media impacted fashionable style today? Social media is the entire basis of a fashion and style nowadays. I can't name a single person who doesn't get outfit inspiration from places online. Social media is style and fashion.
Why do you like being young in 2015? Being young especially in Boston, there are so many options for young people nowadays; there are so many great things to do, so many free things to do - especially in Boston. And just being young nowadays is a fun, happening thing.

Name? Ishrat Qureshi, my nickname is Eva - that's what my family calls me.
Age? 17
What inspires you? Everybody that I'm with and everything that I see and family - mainly friends. And Nature and other artists. Like people all around the world
Who's your favorite artist and/or designer? Feggy Min, she draws a lot of KPop artist and rappers in a serious way but she also has these really cartoony things in the background. 
How would you describe your style? I buy things and then I put them on.
How would you describe fashion today? Fashion is , like, clothes and what you wear. It's just things that to you is fashion.
How has social media impacted fashion and style today? People are wearing the same kind of trends now because of social media. Yeah, it just spreads and then you wear it.
Why do you like being young in 2015? Because of social media! I got to meet so many people through social media, we're at a meetup right now and the only reason I would ever know these people is because of social media and I really like that idea. And people that I love, like my best friends - we met through social media. And it's just a great thing because it opens up a greater career path - like artists in the past would have to, like, die or something [to be well-known] but now you can be well known through social media.

Interviews and Photos by Sienna Kwami

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