A Guide to Boston Boba Spots

Many of you have probably had or at least heard of boba, or bubble, tea. Boba can look very weird to some people at first. It is a milk or fruit tea with tapioca or popping pearls at the bottom. When you have your first sip of boba you may be surprised with the ingredients entering your mouth; you either love it or you hate it. Today, I’m here to talk about the best boba places in our fave city, Boston.

  1. Infusions Tea Spa: This cafe is quite a trek from downtown Boston being all the way in Allston, but it is easily accessible on the B line. Infusions has the best boba and tea I have ever had. In some cases, the pearls may seem too fake and the tea may be too sweet, but it’s my favorite. A funny quirk about Infusions is that out front, there is a sign that says BABO. It should’ve been BOBA, but they didn’t want to spend the extra money to fix the sign. Grade: B-, because of it’s hard-to-reach location.
  2. ChaTime: This boba place is in downtown Boston, with two locations on Newbury Street and off the Northeastern stop on the E line. ChaTime has no popping boba, only the tapioca pearls. The rose milk tea here is absolutely fantastic and I would recommend to any first time boba drinkers. They also sell mochi! Grade: B+, because they have no popping boba and the staff is sometimes unpleasant.
  3. Tea-Do: Tea-Do is in Chinatown and is one of the most famous boba places in Boston. Everyone I have ever talked to that likes boba has been to the famous Tea-Do. It is in a great location; after getting dumplings, you can head over to get boba and it's a great end to the day! They DO have popping boba, so that's a plus! Downside: it's always crowded. There are normally no seats available so you have to grab it and go. Grade: B+
  4. Boston Tea Stop: Just outside of Boston, in Harvard Square is Boston Tea Stop. It's best drinks are their smoothies with tapioca pearls and lychee jelly! The space is small but the Haravard Square location offers a lot to do while you walk around with your drink. Grade: A-
  5. B Cafe: This North Quincy Cafe sits in a small trifecta of three cafes on Hancock Street. Popular with it's 20s and under crowd for its modern design and sushi bar, The location is nicely set up, but cramped during popular hours. Their tapioca pearls sometimes have a weird jello taste on occasion. Grade: B-
  6. Vivi Bubble Tea Cafe : A fairly new bubble tea spot, it's purple and pink lighting is the first thing that draws you in. It's also on Hancock Street, just a few shops down from B Cafe.
  7. YoCha: This spot is directly across the street from B Cafe. It's mostly known for their frozen yogurt but also has a selection of bubble teas. Grade: B

Text: Elanor D and Sienna Kwami
Visuals: Google Images
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