Finding the Beauty in Winter

Although Boston is going through a fairly mild winter, the bright plant life of the summer is gone. The trees are bare and the only green left lies on Evergreen trees. As we near the Things Magazine's birthday, I realize how the winter weather sets us apart from the traditional "aesthetically" appealing palm tree environments like California (or even Florida). When Things was still in its early stages, the blizzard had just hit Boston hard. As warm toned photos gained instant appreciation, I scrambled to find somewhat tropical-looking locations in the midst of the knee-high snow. I hated the look of winter, but I also realized that I couldn't avoid the dominant season in New England. So it's 2016, and I can say I'm somewhat older and wiser. I've completely accepted Boston and all of its flaws; I've accepted the dead trees and the gray tones. Winter has an aesthetic of its own, and with the right mindset, you can stop yourself from falling into the trap of "I need to be surrounded by pastels and palm trees" to be a mainstream creative. There's a beauty in blues and grays, dim clouds, gravel roads, and bare trees. Here is to the winter aesthetic in 2016.

Text + Visuals: Sienna Kwami
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