Moodboard: August Warmth

August has always been the sunset of summer. The countdown of days to Autumn and the impending school-year gives August a one-last-chance-to-do-something-great feel; it makes you want to go out on a bang. This month's moodboard is an alternative approach to the month. One where you spend time reading books while basking in the sun, wear simple but stunning outfits, and spend as much time resting, relaxing, and cherishing time with friends. Before you know it, summer will be over - so immerse yourself in leisure time. Summer jobs are over and school is only a few weeks away, remember to take it slow.

text: sienna kwami
visuals: babo raino / @katiejanehughes / tumblr / vogue / yizi / tumblr / tumblr /  loeil / dazed / unknown / unkown / unkown
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