Moodboard: Movement

In lieu of a back-to-school board, this month's inspiration is in the movement of people and their shadows. Drift off in geometry by transforming angles into graceful dances or let your lessons slip away as you get lost in the shapes of shadows. Education is best when informal and self-guided.

Photographer by Harley Weir

Photographed by Hazel Larsen
Photographed by Tyrone Lebon
Photographed by Hazel Larson
Photographed by Harley Weir
Photo from Teeth Mag

Photographed by Emma Anderson
Photographed by Harley Weir

Photo from

Photo from Tumblr
Photo from Teeth Mag
If you own any of the photos posted and want it taken down, please email!

text: sienna kwami
visuals: various sources
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