January is a month that always seems like a good period for reflection-- the calendars get re-hung, the decorations get taken down, and monotonous everyday routines come back into play as the circle game trudges onward. The month itself is an epoch of detachment, introspection, and refreshment; in other words, January is a good time to look inside yourself and figure out what the next year will mean to you. This playlist features singer-songwriter tracks from artists such as Tori Amos, Elliott Smith, and Joni Mitchell, but also some very powerful instrumental songs as well. Singer-songwriters tend to beautifully capture the feelings of wistfulness and uncertainty that life seems to bring, which will hopefully make you, in the process, feel just a little less anxious about what 2017 has in store. So plug in your headphones, close your eyes, and just take a minute to think, reflect, and breathe.

You can listen to the playlist here.  

text, playlist, and visual: savannah bradley
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