Monthly Discovery: Salfi

Sometimes new bands sort of appear out of the blue. They’re fresh and new, yet there's something about them where you can tell they’re bound for great things. Salfi is one of those bands.
The Philadelphia based group, which was formed only a little over a month ago, is comprised of Jordan Lewis (vocals/guitar), Donato Pignetti (vocals/drums), Franklin Mostoller (guitar), and Luke Myers (bass).
Lewis and Pignetti met one another this fall at University of the Arts, gradually bonding over their individual creative endeavors. Soon after, they began to make respective solo music projects but began to realize how similar their sounds were, so they decided to collaborate. Mostoller and Myers are both longtime friends of Pignetti and were eventually added to the mix to complete the band.
Since forming, the group has released four demo tracks, confirming their dedication as a band and giving listeners a sense of their bedroom pop vibe. Their sound is no doubt a unique one, incorporating the occasional synth, piano, or xylophone alongside the “classical” indie band instruments, all underneath unapologetically awkward harmonies and upbeat vocals. The contrast among the demo tracks is also worth mentioning, not so much instrumentally as lyrically. Some lyrics are poetically pessimistic (“I was never good with affection/and god knows not direction”) while others are openly optimistic (“I know a girl named Ciera/She's the nicest girl in the world/She tells me that I'm so pretty/I know she'll be back one day soon”).
Altogether, Salfi is a band with such a light-hearted sound and bouncy feel it's hard not to smile while listening to them, and if that doesn’t make them worth your time, I'm not sure what will.
Listen to Salfi here.
text: lydia velazquez
visual: salfi

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