The Art of Art Journaling


Journaling is commonly know to be an effective method of organizing and clearing one’s thoughts. However, I always found it to be tedious and intimidating. I could never fully grasp the concept, I would make attempts at starting a new journal every year but would either struggle with finding words for my emotions or with finding something in my days worthwhile to record. Not to mention that I had never finished a journal-- I would always be 1 or 5 or 10 pages short and feel guilty about it.


When I discovered art journaling, it felt like I found a more comfortable language for me to speak through. Art journaling is essentially a form of journaling that incorporates artistic/visual elements, along with or in lieu of writing. It's a way of exploration and experimentation meant for anyone that wants to try their hand at it. The structure of it being completely up to the creator.

As someone who genuinely loves to write, art journaling has helped me in finding different ways of expressing myself and my ideas. It definitely contrasts what I'm used to and what I've know, thus challenging me in a progressive way that inspires my creative process and thinking as a whole.

Art journaling is a very raw and individualistic manner of recording one’s thoughts, art, writing, adventures and I recommend it to anyone searching for a new outlet of creation.

Here are a couple of my favorite spreads from my growing collection of art journals:


I refer to this as my positive affirmation spread, with some self-assuring quotes on sticky notes on the left page and my favorite quote by Tavi Gevinson (Rookie Editor-in-Chief) on the right.


I’ll dedicate a lot of my pages to a visual representation of lyrics, or quotes from books or movies. In this simplistic spread I did a lyric comparison of a line from The 1975’s “The City” and a line from their newer song “A Change of Heart.”


Making color schemes and doing color studies with paint chips is really simple but visually satisfying.


Another fun thing to do is to glue a little bag or envelope that you like and put little things inside it for you to forget about and then find later on when you're flipping through.

Other sources/people of inspiration:

text and visuals: lydia velazquez
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