TV Muse: Betty Draper

Here at Things, we’ve shown you some of our favorite TV muses “from” the 70s, 80s and 90s, arguably some of the best eras in fashion. But today, we come to you with a style appreciation post from the early 60s with one of TV’s most iconic bored housewives: Betty Draper from the series Mad Men. Rarely seen without a cigarette or glass of wine in her hand, Betty is this month’s muse not only because her character exudes grace and elegance, but also because she’s badass. Betty does whatever she wants whenever she wants. Her style is a vehicle which she uses to express herself. She’s a cool mom and works hard at whatever she takes on. Betty is usually clad in pearls, jewels and some sort of beautiful designer dress, or in pants, a patterned blazer, and riding boots for when she visits the stables on the weekend while the kids are with the neighbors.

text: isabelle truong
visuals: mad men
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