THINGS (Magazine) is a media platform focused on youth and the arts. We are here for the makers and consumers of art. We believe that the future of art and politics lies in our hands. We operate in Boston and are dedicated to creating spaces within the city for youth in the arts. We are proud of to be from Boston and we celebrate the city as a home for the arts. We control the media by being the media; we create the images that need to be seen, the sounds that need to be heard, and the stories that need to be told. We strongly believe in DIY ethics; anyone can create. We exist to serve our community. We hope to create unity through the arts.

Things Magazine was born out of being cast in the shadows of large creative hubs like New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco (the entire state of CA, really). Boston has always been recognized as a educational city, recognized for its great colleges and middle-aged working class more than its creative youth. The Things Magazine team recognized that Boston artists existed, but were spread out and suffocated by desires to flee to larger cities with better creative opportunities. We started the magazine to become the creative opportunity for artists, especially teenage artists, in the city looking to share their work with a larger community. We started the magazine, for teens who wanted to be apart of a creative scene in Boston, but couldn't find one. Boston teens interested in art no longer have to despise the city and day-dream about what it would be like to live in a bigger artistic hub - they can find artistic outlets here in Boston, in Things Magazine.

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Sienna Kwami Editor-in-Chief
Zodiac: Cancer
Sienna is a seventeen year old high school senior. She is also a "crybaby cancer" who enjoys having copious amounts of time for listening to king krule amd cry-singing the lyrics to his songs. She also likes sparkling cider and the album ARTPOP by Lady Gaga which she claims changed her life.
ig: @siennakwami

 Madusa Sidibay Creative Director
Zodiac: Scorpio
ig: @notmedusa

Penny Mack Managing Editor
Zodiac: Virgo
An avid bubble tea consumer and Morrissey devotee, Penny is a seventeen year old who loves to write about whatever pop culture phenomenon she is obsessed with at the moment. She listens to a lot of music and eats a lot of popcorn, and enjoys talking at length about post-punk/synthpop bands and 19th century literature. She was most certainly a Brontë sister in a past life.
ig: @penelopemacks

Allie Miller Staff Writer

Zodiac: Scorpio
Allie is a bean who sprung from the Yorba Linda soil, and now studies in Beantown, Massachusetts. She likes to think about the cultivation of beets and beats. If the internet fails her, she will surely return to Reno and buy a farm. Her best work is “Johnny Pearseed,” which you can read on her personal blog. College blogging at Boston University’s The Buzz and The Daily Free Press
ig: @lunchladdie

Lydia Velazquez Staff Writer
Zodiac: Capricorn
Lydia is your typical "young and restless" teen who enjoys slam poetry and crying over fictional characters. She currently lives in the suburbs of Maryland, but dreams of one day living in NYC or maybe Oregon. If you ask her who her favorite band is she'll probably have an emotional breakdown. However, if you ask her who her favorite artist is she'll tell you Van Gogh without second thought. She is a writer and occasional artist for Melted Magazine as well as the co-creator of the zine Hair Die.
ig: @lyd.vel
twitter: @earthislovely

Adele Sakey Staff Writer
Zodiac: Taurus
When Adele is not overwhelmed in the unbearable stress of high school, she often finds herself anticipating the unbearable stress of high school that is to come. Aside from that, she enjoys long walks on the beach, listening to NPR on her morning commute, and melodramatic alternative rock. 
ig: @sah.key
twitter: @mangolakos

Isabelle Truong Staff Writer
Zodiac: Scorpio 
Isabelle is a pasta fiend, collector of pretty books, and fan of dogs amongst other things. She is currently studying literature and journalism at Brandeis University. Isabelle is most likely watching movies or writing while hanging out with her super cool dog.
ig: @isabellieboo

Sydney Bradford Staff Writer
Zodiac: Libra
Sydney is a junior in high school who appreciates nighttime and spookiness more than anything. She can often be found typing purposefully in the early hours of the morning or engulfing herself in whatever latest music obsession she has found. Other addictions include exploring alcoves with her friends and living way too much inside of her own head. She is a strong believer in the idea of growth and works every day to take in as much knowledge as humanly possible with common subjects including but not limited to: neuropsychology, video game design, political science, film studies, photo projects, and creative writing.
ig: @phantomchaser

Victoria Kussman Staff Writer
Zodiac: Scorpio
Obsessed with the Smiths, Duran Duran, and Depeche Mode, Victoria is a Boston-based seventeen-year-old who lives every day like it’s 1983. Unlike her earbuds, she’s rarely difficult to find: pop into the nearest concert venue, record shop, or used bookstore and you’re sure to spot her.

Savannah Bradley Staff Writer
Legend has it that on certain thunderous nights, you can find seventeen-year-old writer/actor/general wordsmith Savannah patrolling the aisles of your local record store. Secretly, she likes to think that the character of Margot Tenenbaum was actually based on her. Aside from that, she loves Tori Amos, art history, and long night-time train rides through the city. Her first short film is coming out mid-2017, and you can catch her melodramatic poetry occasionally pop up over at Rookie Magazine

ig: @wutheringyikes
twitter: @basquiatblues

Andisa Montez Staff Writer
Zodiac: Sagittarius
A weirdo with a flair for the dramatic, Andisa is a twenty-something art school dropout who often contemplates dystopian futures, horoscopes, and the true meaning of glamour. Her previous work includes hosting Sweety's Radio (MA) and Submerging (Cooper Union).
ig: @innercitywitch

Meera Singh Part-time Writer
Zodiac: Aries
Meera is a high school sophomore from Newton, MA. She loves music (of all genres) more than anything, and you can often find her in any Boston concert venue. She also acts, training in both theater and film, and her favorite play at the moment is Tennessee Williams' The Glass Menagerie. She is a dog AND cat person, as well as a fun socks enthusiast. 
ig: @meera.singh

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